Nautilus 1200 PSI, 3-Stage Vacuums w/ Hose Package

Nautilus 1200 PSI, 3-Stage Vacuums w/ Hose Package

Portable Nautilus 500 psi, 2-Stg Vacs, Heat & Hose

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Series for maximum lift, or parallel for maximum air flow, with the AirFlow+ vacuum system, it’s your call!

The AirFlow+ vacuum system allows you to quickly change your vacuum motors from a series configuration to a parallel configuration in under a minute with no mechanical skill needed.

Whether you’re extracting flood water and need maximum lift, or cleaning tile and need maximum air flow, the Nautilus has you covered.

Pump: 500 psi adjustable
Heater: 1750 W
Motor: dual 2-Stage vacuum motors
Housing: roto-mold polyethlene (10-year manufacturer warranty)
Tanks: 12-gallon solution and waste tanks
Dimensions: 34"L x 23"W x 42"H
Weight: 143 lb

Hose Package Includes: 1.5" stainless steel 2-jet S-bend wand, 25' of vacuum hose, 25' of high-pressure solution hose w/ QCs, Hydro-Force shoulder carry bag, and vinyl reducer cuff
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